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FSD  promotes diversity, and enhances a global approach to the world by offering exceptional cultural and linguistic immersion from preschool to 11th grade in a bilingual environment.

  • The excellence of our programs nurtures bilingual and bicultural citizens of the world by offering young French and American students the benefit of a new culture and language while enhancing the academic knowledge of their mother tongue. This is enabled by the unique partnership FSD has created with the Birmingham Public Schools district that generates bicultural students who master both French and English.
  • The preschool program provides the opportunity to expose children as young as 2 1/2 years old to a foreign language.  More than fifty percent of our preschoolers are American.

For 30 years, we have put knowledge and multiculturalism to work in the Metro Detroit area.

The reputation gained by the quality of our programs has become an important element in the decision making process of international professionals

to accept temporary positions in the Detroit area. 


We are proud to serve the community and to contribute grandly to the local economy by helping settlement of new families in Michigan and enhancing

companies' hiring process.

Please help us continue our mission to commit to excellence in bilingual education and strive to give children a sense of community while inspiring diversity.


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